I was diagnose with type 2 diabetes 21 years ago and I am 33 years old now, It was hard for me for 21 years until this program came along and changed my life for the better, i am on day 6 and I am doing good I am still going through the sugar withdrawals as I slip up at lunch and dinner on Monday, but I am back on track with my juicing fast, I am feel great about my weight loss, my weight right now is 90kgs it was at beginning 110.7kgs, My pants size at beginning was 26 it is now size 20, my tops size was 22-26 it is now size 18 I am proud of myself with what I have achieve so far. My blood sugar levels have come down from 18.9 right down to being between 4.6- 9.1, I can’t wait to see me at the end of the 30 days of juicing fast. I am looking healthier and I am feeling more healthier and I am feel fit and I have a lot more energy to do things with my husband and my daughter. I still have Diarrhea that i have had since Monday night, but other then that i am doing great. I have also cut down on my medication for control my blood sugar levels as well, i am on Nova rapid insulin 40units 3 times a day but now 20 units 3 times a day and Lantus 50 units at bed time, I was on Diaformin XR 2 tablets at dinner time but I am not taking then now.




This is forum my Husband started up http://forum.rocket-radio.net/ and i want to promote the forum on my blog.

A forum for every purpose, it’s a newly started forum, that is still in it’s infancy. Head over to http://forum.rocket-radio.net/ and help us grow 🙂



I am going to marry Brett Hay on the 13th of November,2010. At Glass House Mountains Community Hall I can’t wait, I am really really excited that I am going to marry Brett Hay, we have been together for 5 years now and we have been engaged for 5 years. So I can’t wait to the day I marry Brett Hay and spend the rest of my life  with him and our daughter Jade.


By mel



Jade is growing to fast she is at the stage where she says she can’t do it and she has changed the girls are boys and boys are girls



I love dolphins and that I want to swim with dolphins